Project Description

  • Project:  East & South East of Milton Keynes
  • Location:  Milton Keynes
  • Client:  Milton Keynes Council
  • Accommodation: 8,000 new homes
  • Planning authority:  Milton Keynes Council
  • Started:  2019
  • Completed:  2019

Plan:MK includes allocations for new sustainable urban extensions for approximately 3,000 dwellings to the south east of Milton Keynes, and 5,000 dwellings east of Milton Keynes, together with associated social infrastructure and employment space.

In order to help the Council prepare development frameworks for each of the sites, Hyas were appointed to undertake initial community and stakeholder visioning and objective setting that could then guide future proposals.

Hyas facilitated a number of workshop sessions with local representatives that started to evolve ideas around the potential concepts, spatial visions and development objectives for the 2 sites which were responsive to local ambitions and community requirements. The outcomes of the events were shared with the community representatives and considered by the Council during their process of preparing the development frameworks.

The approach was separate (but related) to the wider Plan:MK process, through which the principle and timing of development of the sites was being tested.