Simon Smales
Simon SmalesAssociate

Simon has nearly 40 years of experience in the public sector, and latterly in the private and government agency sector, having held Director and Chief Planning Officer positions in large local authorities. Simon specialises in providing development strategy advice and advising on corporate and departmental organisation and prioritisation.

Simon was formerly of ATLAS and was key lead for Yorkshire and Northumberland. Previous to that, Simon has been Director of Planning at Nottingham City Council; Chief Planning Officer and Assistant Director of Business and Environment at N Yorks Council and Principal Consultant for Savills in the Yorkshire area. Simon has an extensive knowledge of strategic planning in the region, as well as an excellent network of senior professional contacts across all authorities concerned.

  • Private and public sector background
  • Senior Leadership Roles
  • Project Deliverability
  • Delivery mechanisms
  • Governance and project management
  • Government funding and evaluation processes
  • Masterplanning and placemaking
  • External relationship management & brokerage