Hyas are supporting North Herts District Council in bringing forward a masterplan for the 900 home strategic site allocation immediately to the North of Letchworth. The masterplan is being prepared by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and will ultimately result in a significant extension to England’s original garden town. Our role is to work on behalf of the District Council, with the Foundation and their masterplanning team, to ensure a collaborative process in meeting the requirements of the local plan allocation. As well as providing project management support, are also bringing additional masterplanning and technical planning input.

Hyas have been commissioned in partnership with BE Group, by West Oxfordshire District Council to prepare a Strategic Plan for Carterton. We are undertaking stakeholder engagement, including a visioning workshop, to gain an in-depth understanding of Carterton in order to establish a vision for the town, which will inform the actions of the Strategic Plan.


Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council and Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council have jointly commissioned Hyas, working in partnership with Fore Consulting to undertake a deliverability assessment of the emerging Stakehill strategic site. This mixed use employment and residential site on the edge of the Manchester conurbation is a major allocation in the Places For Everyone plan for Greater Manchester (now in the final stages of its EIP) and forms part of the Atom Valley innovation cluster. The Councils are seeking Hyas and Fore’s advice on potential obstacles to delivery and how best to overcome these, to ensure the development is delivered in accordance with the PFE policy.

Amber Valley
Hyas Associates have been appointed by Amber Valley Borough Council to assist them to realise their ambitions to prepare and adopt a new Local Plan. We are working collaboratively with the policy team and the wider Council and partners to prepare the Plan for Regulation 19 purposes, submission and then examination and adoption.

East Cullompton
Hyas have been commissioned by Mid Devon District Council to support the production of a phasing and delivery strategy related to the delivery of the East Cullompton / Culm Garden Village proposals. This is a collaborative exercise working closely with landowners/promoters and developers, focussing on project management and co-ordination of the delivery of the PDS and any related stakeholder engagement and liaison.

London Borough of Enfield
We have been commissioned by the London Borough of Enfield to produce a spatial framework for two strategic sites: Crews Hill Placemaking Area and Chase Park Placemaking Area. Our role involves direct engagement with the Council, site promoters and developers to promote a joined up, collaborative approach.

South Staffordshire Council
We have been commissioned by South Staffordshire Council to continue supporting them with North Penkridge strategic site. We were previously working with them and the site promoters to prepare Strategic Development Framework for the site in the Council’s emerging Local Plan. Our previous role involved working collaboratively across all parties and stakeholders, to ensure quality place making is embedded throughout the planning process, advising and leading on engagement, and setting a vision and objectives for each site.

Hyas have been commissioned by Waverley Borough Council for the provision of early stage scoping support for a borough wide design code. Hyas will work closely with the Council to confirm Waverley’s aspirations for the code to provide the Council with examples of best practice and recommendations to progress the preparation of the code.