Project Description

  • Project:South West Hertfordshire Joint Strategic Plan – Digital Engagement & Proptech Support
  • Location:  South West Hertfordshire
  • Client:  Dacorum Borough Council (lead)
  • Accommodation: n/a
  • Planning authority:  South West Hertfordshire authorities
  • Started:  October 2021
  • Completed:  Ongoing

Hyas were commissioned by a group of Councils in South West Hertfordshire to provide capacity and resources to help advance work on a ‘Joint Strategic Plan’, which will set a framework for the area up to 2050.

Hyas support has been primarily focussed on supporting with digital engagement, including the project management of initiatives being supported through the DLUHC ‘Proptech’ programme.

Initial support was provided by Hyas Associates to help in the procurement and development of the digital engagement platform,. This was launched initially to provide accessible information  and was then used for digital engagement on the Plan (at Regulation 18 stage).

Additional support has been provided to help review and summarise representations received in response to the consultation, and to provide additional resource and capacity to help the JSP team members take forward the overall work programme.

Alongside this work, the Councils were successful and included within the DLUHC ‘Proptech’ initiative. Hyas Associates have been providing support to the Councils with project management and implementation of a discovery process to consider how digital technology could support the processing of consultation data. Hyas are also supporting on the implementation a digital mapping approach, focussed upon developing a digital portrait of the JSP area.