Project Description

  • Project:  South West Maidenhead Placemaking Study
  • Location:  Maidenhead
  • Client:  Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
  • Accommodation:  2,500 new homes
  • Planning authority:  Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
  • Started:  2019
  • Completed:  2019

The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead commissioned Hyas Associates to work alongside Officers to prepare a placemaking study relating to the South West Maidenhead (Desborough) as part of background evidence for the emerging Local Plan.

The Placemaking Study for South West Maidenhead draws on the existing local plan evidence base, site appraisal and the outputs from a number of meetings and workshops with Council officers and members, landowners, local residents and interest groups. The Study reviews the policy and evidence base context and sets out a contextual analysis of the area, going on to define a broad vision and an initial set of development principles.

The purpose of this Study is to:

  • Set out the approach taken to the development of policy and guidance for the study area, including analysis of the local plan approach; the site context and the available evidence; and the outcomes from engagement.
  • Define a vision and set of key design principles that will guide the development of the study area culminating in an overall placemaking concept plan; and
  • Consider the delivery and implementation process, including the approach to the co-ordination and comprehensive masterplanning of the area as a whole.

A key element of the Study was the emphasis on the need for placemaking and the establishment of design principles to ensure the delivery of a high quality and sustainable development. The South West Maidenhead area comprises a variety of components contributing different qualities to the town’s identity and functioning. Work to prepare a new strategic policy seeks to take an overall view of these components and consider the opportunities to capitalise on the area’s assets.