Project Description

  • Project:  Housing Delivery Test Pilots
  • Location:  Nationwide
  • Client:  Planning Advisory Service
  • Accommodation: n/a
  • Planning authority:  Multiple Councils
  • Started:  2018
  • Completed:  2019

Hyas were commissioned by the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) to provide a package of support to a small group of pilot Councils who were keen to prepare Action Plans in response to the emerging Housing Delivery Test requirement.

PAS wanted to work with a small number of pilot Councils as pilots and to evolve a range of different Action Plans that could help provide advice and guidance to other Councils facing the need to prepare plans in light of their housing delivery performance.

Hyas provided on the ground support to individual Councils and undertook the following activities:

  • Workshops with groups of Councils to explore key issues, challenges and options to improve future housing supply;
  • One to one support to individual Councils to explore their specific circumstances and options;
  • Support in the drafting and finalisation of Action Plans; and
  • The preparation of notes and examples that could be disseminated more widely to support other Councils outside of the pilot programme.

Hyas helped a number of Councils to understand what actions they could take to improve supply drawing from our rounded knowledge on land, funding, planning and infrastructure considerations. We supported the Councils involved to complete and publish Action Plans well in advance of the formal requirement to do so.